Die ANP M51 Léger war die Nachfolgemaske der C38,  Es gibt M 51 mit gruenen Glaesereinfassungen( aus der C38 Herstellung) fur die Polizei


ANP M51 Léger, Variante der belgischen Armee mit hollaendischer Tasche und Plastikschutz ueber dem Filter


ANP M51 M53 Léger , auffaelligstes Merkmal ist der geaenderte Vorkammerdeckel


ANP M51 M53 Léger , mit PVC beschichteder Tasche



Belgische Armee Franzoesische Armee


Pics and info by Boris Plotnikoff

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This is the series of ANP M 51 and ANP M 51
M 53 with their predecessor the C 38
First model ANP M 5I " Lourd " ( Heavy ). Large dia.
ex valve cover with very small holes; it is equipped with
a breathing corrugated hose, a special device containing
charcoal allow to screw on two filters forming a large
filtering box carried in a large bag.


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ANP M 51 M 53 " Léger "
( Light ). Small dia. ex valve
cover with larger holes; it is
without breathing hose and
equipped with single filter
Same model equipped with
reduction fitting allowing to
mount American filters of
6O mm Dai. of M9 A1 masks
ANP M 51 M 53 " Optical "
The mask includes supple rubber
eye piece mounting in place of the
large normal glass allowing to use
of optical instruments, the new
ex valve cover consist of a sot grid
avoiding the exhale wet air to
moist the eyepieces glasses to
moist in cold weather conditions,
the mask is equipped with the
new model of filter