Pics and information by Boris Plotnikoff
Überzetzung aus dem französischen/englischen: WolfHazmat

ARS 1917 Post War manufacturing
( straps identical to the future ANP T 31)
ARS means : Appareil Respiratoire Spécial.

ARS1917 - Vor dem Krieg hergestellt
(die Bebänderung ist identisch mit dem
zukünftigen bzw.nachfolgenden Modell
ANP T31)
ARS bedeutet: Appareil Respiratoire Spécial

= spezielles Atmungsgerät
= Gasmaske
= Repiratory protection mask


ANP T 31
Artillery Model
with reinforced eyepieces ;
filter Model ARS but with
anti arsines device.
ANP T... means Appareil Normal de
Protection Type ...

ANP T 31
Artillerie Modell
mit verstärktem Okular;
Filtertyp: ARS aber mit Anti-Arsen Filter.
ANP T... bedeutet: Standart Gasmaske
ARS filter and anti -arsines
paper filter device

ARS Filter (hinten) und Anti-Arsen
Papierfilter (vorne)


ANP T 31 large filer.jpg (19402 Byte) ANP T 31
with large filter
( Bidon Filtrant )

ANP T 31
mit grossem Filter
(Bidon Filter)
ANP T 31 Bidon.jpg (22088 Byte) ANP T 31
Bidon Filtrant with its double
anti -arsines device

ANP T 31
Bidon Filter mit doppelten
Anti-Arsen Filter
(rechts geöffnete Abbildung).


ANP T 31..jpg (62435 Byte) This mask had been designed and manufactured
by the firm named SECMP ( Société d' Etude et
de Construction de Matériel de Protection )
under the name Modèle RSC for the civilian
duties, but also, It had been Commissioned by the
French Army under the model name ANP T 36.
It has never been manufactured for the French
army but seems to be manufactured in Belgia and
in Poland, I believe !


Trash.jpg (13222 Byte)

but may be

Trash01.jpg (13870 Byte)


france.jpg (79507 Byte) M.A.L.F-3 Civilian Mask
Designed and Manufactured by
CAUVIN YVOSE in 1936 .
The design is based on the
ANP T 31 / TC 38 unless the
panoramic single eyepiece.


france1.jpg (52816 Byte) French manufacturing under
FATRA license of the FM 3 mask
except the plastic eyepieces in place
of glass , the eyepieces setting rings
in natural aluminium colour and the
cover of the outlet valve casing with
Vernon moulded on. This mask is
not very common on the market in


Trash.jpg (9388 Byte) French CANIC gas mask.
Pre-2nd War period.
This mask is quite similar
to C38 unless the exhaust
valve fitting and the eyepieces
fastening who are in glass and
screwed on the moulded
rubber facepiece who includes
two Tissot vent tubes.


f16f6d49.jpg (7233 Byte) French unidentified gas mask.
re-2nd War period.
The facepiece is made of
moulded celluloïd, the airtight
was probably provided by a
rubber skirt witch was secured
on the rim of the plastic facepiece.
I haven' t information about the


ajax f 2.jpg (54057 Byte) AJAX F 2 model,
made in France by
several manufacturers,
the rubber moulding is
with or without " F 2 "


c 38.jpg (50993 Byte) Common C 38


CMG.jpg (9219 Byte) C M G mask.
Moulded red-brown
rubber facepiece and
straps, glass eyepieces
aluminium light alloy
moulded filter fitting
including concentric
annular exhale valve.


G E P ( Gaz Et Protection ) mask.
Glued rubber sheeting facepiece
including glued eyepiece of same
model than theses who are mounted
on ARS / ANP masks.
The filter includes an inlet and a
concentric annular exhale valve.
Very similar to German
Stoltzenberg mask


451803d8.jpg (12585 Byte) AFM/1934


Unknown.jpg (11586 Byte) Unknown


french fernez 1938 gm.jpg (51135 Byte) Fernez 1938 G M
Civil Defense and Industrie


626f9793.jpg (41897 Byte) Army MC 39 Breath App
Mandet- Commeinhes


e4ec4421.jpg (37472 Byte) Ajax F 2 1938 Civil Def
Manufactured under Pirelli


7e7525e7.jpg (78088 Byte) SALVATOR not
Securit (model a)
Black shiny rubber


ef2f7ce1.jpg (9078 Byte) SALVATOR not
Securit (model b)
Black matt rubber


1255aa49.jpg (44441 Byte) Peron MSP 34
Imitation leather
canvas and Rodoïd


1540a031.jpg (17957 Byte) SECMP Civil ( 1934 )
SECMP means Société
d' Etude et de Fabrcation
de Materiel de Protection


e5df2326.jpg (10308 Byte) SECMP mod.RS
This mask serves
as prototype of the
French Army
ANP T 36 model


4ab5ed8e.jpg (10151 Byte) TC 38 (Special)
Mask for Civil Def.
Troops equiped with
" Sniffing " device


d6962774.jpg (8156 Byte) Unidentified Mask
Pre war Civil
Defense Mask


aef0f40c.jpg (13089 Byte) Unidentified Mask
Pre war Civil
Defense Mask


Unkn.jpg (10755 Byte) French Unknown
Civil Defence mask


SECMP.jpg (8447 Byte) SECMP
Civil Industrial mask


Salvator.jpg (50556 Byte) SECURIT French Civil Defence ,
similar to the SALVATOR masks but
with smaller eyepieces and different
fastening of head straps.


a5078eca.jpg (25528 Byte)
French version
of Belgian AG. 15C.
but with 42 mm Dia
of filter screwing


506d345e.jpg (11094 Byte)

French Unidentified
Pre- war Civil Defense
gas mask


6d3d8e88.jpg (10085 Byte)
French unidentified mask
Probabily manufactured
under Italian or Belgian licence


5c0cc9e.jpg (11512 Byte) Unknown French Gas Mask
Close similar to previous one


daf5220b.jpg (13222 Byte) French unidentified pre- WWII
Includes inside Tissot vent tubes